Strategy, shared goals, brand autonomy

“For the future of the furniture and design sectors in Italy, we need to adopt an ecosystemic industrial approach with groups and partnerships, introducing targets and global strategies where brand strength and innovation become the strategic assets”.

WeDo Holding holds and manages the shareholdings of the four children (Enza, Elis, Edy and Eros) of entrepreneur Ettore Doimo. WeDo has a controlling interest in six subsidiaries and its objective is to implement a shared strategic business plan to promote global expansion and bring about a strategic and cultural change in the furniture and design sector.


Our role as a holding company is to support our companies now and in the future, providing them with professional managerial expertise and guidance.
Our aim is to broaden and consolidate the skills and individual identity of each of our brands, provide valuable services and foster a culture of quality, continuous learning and sharing of knowledge.
Our corporate mission is therefore based on values which our brands share and pursue to meet competitive targets, finding the right balance between profit and respect for the environment, while being aware of the group’s role in society.
To achieve this, WeDo Holding has direct control over a number of the key areas for the subsidiaries:

  1. planning and control
  2. centralised procurement
  3. facility management
  4. legal services
  5. information technology services
  6. human resources
  7. strategic marketing
  8. research and development
  9. internationalisation

Tradition, family values and the solidity of its shareholders in the future and design industry design.

We want to consolidate and build on our companies’ experience, sharing our model of excellence, passion and tradition with those who believe in quality, uniqueness and innovation.

We believe in the quality of Italian products, the heritage of the Doimo family, in embracing internationalisation, change, vision and leadership, shared ethics and welfare at work and in the community, as well as the ability and financial solidity to meet targets.

These are the values that drive us to become a market benchmark and one of the leading Italian groups in the furniture and design sector, delivering home, office and healthcare solutions worldwide.