The WeDo company culture guides all the group’s strategic decisions. We believe that innovation, growth and involvement are the keys to success and we want to take a leading role in the challenges the future holds for us.

  • Italian lifestyle and global design;
  • corporate and cultural heritage: people, passion, property, prosperity;
  • specialisation and segmentation of products and target groups: products, solutions and services (home, office, healthcare);
  • branding and InnoVision approach: not being afraid to take risks to improve and gain recognition;
  • ongoing research, user-centred design and internationalisation: global research approach;
  • sustainability as a prerequisite to protect the environment and tomorrow’s consumers;
  • development processes for a circular and regenerative economy;
  • business ethics: trust and transparency;
  • relationships, cooperation and sharing: life and work balance for all our employees;
  • continuing education and motivation;