08 Apr.2024
By: We.Do.
Copatlife presents a new design philosophy

Copatlife presents a new design philosophy for the kitchen environment.
Ten years after its foundation, Copatlife launches a multichannel communication project based on the concept of ‘Building Life Projects’, aiming to be a brand of inspiration for every architect and designer. A new design philosophy, which takes the form of a smart offer and a unique catalogue, a print and digital campaign and the unprecedented participation in the Milan Fuorisalone 2024.

The strategy
The new brand philosophy, summarized in the ‘Building Life Projects’ concept, underlines the innovative and international culture of the Company and its ability to interpret the kitchen environment, as a nerve and relationship center, in a succession of exclusive proposals aimed at welcoming different needs and lifestyles. The milestone comes at an important moment for Copatlife which, in recent years, has invested heavily in strategic development, innovation and responsibility, becoming today a solid and continuously growing reality. The new concept will find expression during the Milan Design Week 2024 and will be made tangible in the coming months through a series of below and above the line activities and communication tools aimed at strengthening its position in the global market of medium segmentation designer kitchens -high.

#MDW2024: Life Project Brera
In collaboration with the artistic direction Gherardi Architetti, Copatlife makes its debut at Milan Design Week with the ‘Life Project Brera’ project, set up in the temporary showroom of the same name in via Madonnina 2. An original and identifying proposal born from the study of spaces, flows , functions, architecture and materials, with a view to sustainability and innovation. In line with the theme of this year’s edition, Materia Natura, the Company invites a deep exploration of the connection between these two words, as guiding principles in the creative process and in the design of the kitchen environment.

The press campaign
“Space is not a dimension, it is a way of being. An empty space is just a beginning.” is the claim of the Copatlife 2024 campaign. A clear message that captures the essence of the Brand: simplification, design intelligence and strong international vocation. The habitat and the personality of the user come together in a union where planning finds form and representation. The advertising campaign will develop over the course of the year through planning that will involve some of the main design magazines with the aim of expanding the new emotional storytelling and consolidating the brand’s awareness.

Online and social presence
Copatlife confirms its digital communication strategy oriented towards interaction and sharing through the use of email marketing, the website and social media. On the site and through the official Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube profiles, users will be able to explore the new products and latest projects by accessing detailed information, images and technical specifications. This approach will not only allow the Company to increase its online visibility, but also to strengthen the bond between the Brand and its audience.