Know-how and communication.

Brand recognition and achievement of shared goals

The WeDo Group is made up of six companies which supply furniture for the home, office and community, using branding policies and strategies on the target markets. All the companies come from a great manufacturing tradition and have state-of-the-art production facilities, premises and logistics. To date, the Group has approximately 500 employees.

All the companies operate in the branded segments in the medium-high to high end of the market. International retail sales and distribution account on average for 50% of their turnover and they provide project services in the retail, contract and supply sectors. They use technologically advanced supply chain platforms and networks of long-standing suppliers. The group’s business objective is to consolidate and grow the synergy and efficiency of its companies, expand into new business areas, acquire businesses and brands and encourage its companies to work together to increase their competitive edge on global markets.


The Companies

WeDo Holding is a holding company with operational and managerial responsibilities towards its subsidiaries, as it manages and coordinates them through a shared group strategy. Each company has its own management team, giving it autonomy in the decision-making process.



Our living spaces becomes experience.

Quality and sustainability for the future. Our home is our habitat and its style and functionality reflect the kind of person we are and the values we believe in. Design, planning and architectural challenges are themes which our companies in the ‘home’ sector share. The kitchen, bathroom furniture and living brands in the WeDo Group deliver products that reflect changes in lifestyle in line with international trends. Attention to customer needs, research, technology, ergonomics and wellbeing are what unite and differentiate our brands and their high-end products, which are sold in the retail, supply and project channels. Emotions, services and experiences have become an integral part of products, solutions and projects in today’s world. We envisage a future that is sustainable and digital and that embraces the concept of lovemarks.

Design and ergonomics in
the workplace.

The office is given dynamic appeal. The world of the office and work presents new challenges for the future. Our Group has extensive experience and a tradition of excellence in the design and manufacturing of products and solutions for the world of work, delivering environments with hybrid and dynamic appeal. The high-end brands in our Group and their products have made design history in the workplace with their technological innovation, design and ongoing research. Public and private spaces, businesses and communities, collective reception and working spaces throughout the world demand exclusivity, a strong brand and services that sales teams and professionals can rely on. We are striving for new levels of excellence and success, which we will achieve with synergy, research and development, supply chain and internationalisation.

Our living spaces becomes experience.

Evolving design to enhance wellbeing and service. Design is becoming more and more inclusive, systemic, sustainable and experiential in healthcare facilities – nursing homes, hospitals, health centres - just as technology and the digital world are revolutionizing solutions and medical devices for treatment and prevention in public and private hospitals and nursing homes. Healthcare is a design and business area that offers great growth and development potential worldwide and continuous research, design skills, customisation and flexibility are the group’s priorities in this core area.