Our living space becomes experience and style

Our home is our habitat and its style and functionality reflect the kind of person we are and the values we believe in. Design, planning and architectural challenges are themes which our companies in the ‘home’ sector share. The kitchen, bathroom furniture and living brands in the WeDo Group deliver products that reflect changes in lifestyle in line with international trends. The style and design of our products can be enjoyed day after day.

Quality is at the heart of innovation.

Attention to customer needs, research, technology, ergonomics and wellbeing are what unite and differentiate our brands and their high-end products, which are sold in the retail, supply and project channels. Emotions, services and experiences have become an integral part of products, solutions and projects in today’s world. We envisage a future that is sustainable and digital and that embraces the concept of lovemarks.
Diva Divani
Doimo Cucine