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Sitland's story is one of a successful Italian industry that has been able to combine a typical Italian know-how with the most innovative industrial and technological processes. This story began and developed in Vicenza, the city of Palladio in the heart of the Veneto region, where the territory is the main character of many successful stories and has generated world famous art and products.
Passion and dedication
These are the keywords that have defined the company since 1977. These 45 years of history led Sitland, specialised in upholstery for the seats and sleeping cabins of Italian trains, to the production of chairs for hairdressing salons, before starting a new path in the office chair industry in 1987.
Creativity and research.
In 1996, with the release of Ouverture, the company changed rhythm and finds new energy. This opens a new era of technology and design, combined with ergonomics and aesthetics, where Sitland plays a leading role on the international scene thanks to quality, research and innovation. The catalogue has been increasingly enriched over the years with new products: armchairs, task chairs and modular system. Constant research of balance between individual needs and cutting-edge technology where the human being is the origin and ultimate goal of every creation. Excellence, high design, ergonomics and technological research have always been the guide, alongside methods of the highest craftsmanship, visible in the attention to every detail, starting from the choice of upholstery and high-end finishes to the tangibility of the final tailoring.
Sustainable approach to Design
In 2022 Sitland launches the project 'Econa: our sustainable approach to design'. The aim is to achieve eco-sustainable production, based on an iconic design that is totally Made in Italy, able to fulfil the criteria of zero waste, reduction of emissions and post-life circularity of the product.
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